Tenants - Service Offerings:

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Good Quality Property

As we want you to enjoy a good quality homely environment, we are very choosy about the quality of properties we take on, which all have to be fully and legally compliant. To ensure you get the quiet enjoyment you desire, we also do safety and condition checks in the property.

We do help you to live comfortably; you can ring us for any help

  • Deal with any queries or problems you may have, acting on behalf of the Owner
  • Handle all maintenance matters and rent payments
  • Keep in regular contact with you to ensure you are happy in your property

Moving In & Moving Out

We know how hectic it can be when you’re moving in and out of your property, therefore we’ve developed systems and procedures that ensure the process is as quick and easy as possible.

What About Your Deposit?

As we recommend owner to leave the deposit with us and we manage, at the end of your tenancy it is impartially assessed, by one of our inventory professional, with your deposit being refunded according to a fair and strict code of practice.

Your Feedback Counts

To make sure we deliver on our promise, you’ll be given ample opportunity to voice your opinions & concerns, through our customer feedback forms. Once you’re on board with us, you’ll find yourself recommending us time and time again.

Service Offerings:

Flat/ Row house/ Villa/ Guest house/ Bungalow/ Independent house/ Commercial shop lettings, maintenance and management for long term (minimum service period is 11 months for single occupancy property).

  • Acquire letting rights from owner by agreement as pseudo-tenant
  • Identify right tenant by publishing ads in leading property portal sites
  • Tenant screening - Tenant background, criminal and credit history checks
  • Convert screened tenant to occupancy tenant
  • Generate tenancy/lease agreement
  • Consultancy for marketable rent, and negotiations
  • Rent collection and arrears chase
  • Client accounting management and owner’s online monthly rent payment
  • Carry-out maintenance like tap leak, pest control, painting, beehive removal in private balcony etc
  • Tenancy renewals and negotiation
  • Tenant deposit management and release to tenant
  • Vacates and check-outs organize
  • Full admin and compliance issues handle
  • Periodical scheduled inspection and reporting to owner
  • Property Insurance [Optional]
  • Interior Decoration [Optional]
  • Property tax payments
  • Piping Gas, Water, Electricity bill payments

Vacant site maintenance and management for long term (minimum service period is 11 months)

  • We do periodical site visits (frequency customer can decide) to site and take photos and upload online, so that owner can keep a second eye on the site sitting remotely. We also execute following maintenance services too
  • Site cleaning
  • Fencing
  • Compound wall building
  • Property tax payment
  • Place a board with ‘Not for sale’ at site
  • If customer interested for sale, we provide assistance too

One time let-out service for flats and house

  • Fix the to-let board at house entrance with studio/1bhk/2bhk/3bhk with our contact number
  • We take photos of property and publish ad with photos in leading property portal sites
  • 2 Property location visits and advise for property neatness and marketable rent, cleaning and repair services like wardrobe/kitchen counter door fix, interior decoration, curtains, painting, garden cleaning and make the property for viewing and letting condition
  • Property insurance [Optional]
  • Interior Decoration [Optional]

We extend our service for selling and buying property for both residential and commercial retail shop/mall shop. Please register with us.

  • Your property marketing like posting ads in leading property portals
  • Display board with ‘For sale’ at property site, and we handle enquiries
  • Property Valuation
  • Legal advisor opinion/references
  • Bank loan references
  • Negotiations assistance
  • Property Insurance [Optional]

Free investor’s consultancy and share options for investment. Please register with us.

Benefits for owners:

  • Owner can enjoy a hassle-free life, save time and receive rent on time
  • As soon as owner signs agreement with us, we take the flat with or without tenant. If tenant not present, we find right tenant like corporate (as guest house for working and visiting professionals), professionals employed in corporates etc. Rent day starts when a tenant starts moves in. Maximum time for occupancy is 1-4 weeks depends on location, and owner’s agreed conditions
  • Since we buy time to find new tenant from existing tenant (minimum 1 month), we will find new tenant within agreed time
  • We minimize calling owner for small issues. Minor repairs we execute, we will pay and finish work and later we claim from owner with bill details
  • Property will be handed over with highest care when owner wants back
  • We manage deposits too, we create a dedicated owners-tenant deposit account, when tenants vacates, we issue cheque from deposited account, so that owner no need to involve in this and save effort, time and money
  • If owner interested to take advance, we can give interest free deposit and this may require when agreement ends with tenant/us. But, we are not recommending this practice for various reasons like owner not able to return when tenant wants to leave etc.
  • Receive continuous rent and constant updates about development
  • We will upload up to 5 photos of periodical property inspection visit photos of property in our website for owner viewing remotely. For flat, frequency of property inspection visit is every six months. This is an additional and optional service. For site, frequency of property inspection visit can be decided by customer, it can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually.

We provide exceptional customer service, strong values and trusted property services and support for property owners, tenants and investors all over India and abroad.

Investors - Service Offerings:

Want to learn more about what to buy and where to buy it?

Fellow Property Investor,

Would you like to know how to build to property portfolio that suits your personality, lifestyle, and future aspirations?

Well, here at Property Care we have a wealth of knowledge in the property and lettings sector, coupled with a passion for helping clients use property to reach their own personal goals and aspirations, (and with the emphasis on them rather than on the property) which enables our property owner clients to make informed decisions that give them the peace-of-mind that only comes from making thoroughly informed decisions.

We can offer you a closed loop by helping you decide what to buy, finding it, help during the conveyance process, refurbishing it, lettings it, and finally managing the tenancy for you.

So, whether you’re frustrated with the make-up and structure of your property portfolio and it’s not giving you the yields you desire, or you have ambitions to develop and grow your property portfolio then work with us to re-examine your portfolio and align it to your future needs and aspirations.

We look forward to hearing about your personal aspiration and how, together, we can create a portfolio you’ll be proud of, and one that adds true value to your quality of life.

Corporates - Service Offerings:

1. Guest House for employees/visiting executives:   

As our leadership team contributed 15+ years’ experience in corporate sector, we well aware and understand the requirements and trends of the corporate sector and provide services at required location. Since we maintain our customer property database, we can help to meet your requirements. We offer well-furnished/semi furnished corporate guest houses and corporate serviced apartments located in calm and serene locations. The constant changing scenario and ever-growing demands, the corporate sector strives to offer the very best services to its employees.

We offer properties with/without services like catering, housekeeping etc. Corporate can manage this separately or we have tied-up with guest house service providers they will give property and services both with following facilities.

  • All rooms are equipped with split ACs
  • Telephone in each room
  • 24 air conditioned rooms
  • T.V. in all rooms with cable connection
  • Wireless broadband internet (Wi-Fi enabled)
  • Laundry service
  • In-house chef and house-keeping
  • Good ambience at an affordable price
  • All rooms are fitted with fridges

Complementary Services

  • Personalised room service
  • Daily News Paper
  • Breakfast

Paid Services

  • Travel assistance
  • Medical assistance on call
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Direct dialling facility from all rooms
  • Laundry Service
  • Guest Computer with Internet
  • FAX/ Courier Services

2. Plug & Play office space:  

We have furnished office space of different sizes at different locations to suit your requirements across Bangalore,  example 10-500+ work stations, 4-200+ cabins, 1-25+ Discussion Rooms, 1-10+ conference rooms, reception, pantry, 100% D.G. backup with car and two wheeler parking facility and ready to occupy.  Register your requirements with us.  We offer complete commercial real estate solutions.

We also have tie-ups with leading service providers for additional corporate property management facilities like housekeeping, electrical maintenance, and landscaping and gardening etc.   Corporates can leverage these services along with plug & play commercial office space property.

Register your requirements today. We can help you.

Builders and Developers

We collect property owner’s litigation-free properties available for sale details and maintain comprehensive commercial and residential land database. Our customers are offering commercial land for construction of apartments, malls, and layout formation at prime location and city outskirts areas.  We can help you to get win-win deal for both buyer and seller.

We can also help you to sell flats at affordable rates.    We have list of property investors, NRIs, who are  looking for good quality flats  for immediate occupation.   Please register and share your requirements with us.

We can also place advertisement of your project in our site to promote sale.

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