How much do you charge the tenants?
As we put effort right from tenant visit for flat viewing, negotiations, agreement, society move in support, flat maintenance issues fixes during stay to tenant move out and settle deposit, as per market standard applicable. Example, tenant wanted grill in balcony for child safety, tenant wanted professional clean instead basic clean, tenant wanted 5 times video call where we need to travel 5-15 kms, vendor co-ordination even for new gas connection, flat disinfection, water purifier fix, washing machine fix, TV, photos frames fix, carpenter, electrician, plumber, painter co-ordinations till tenant settle in flat etc, for each tenant these are all we cant do for free, office overheads are involved.
If the apartment suffers any major damage while being rented out, who will be responsible?
It will be our responsibility to repair any damage caused by the tenants with tenants money. However, in case of any natural damage like cracks or seepage due to poor quality construction, the owner will have to bear the cost of repair. However, the tenants are responsible to keep the property safe, clean, and very well maintained. If any damage caused by tenant, there will be charge for the service offered at market rate.
How will you ensure that the flat is not damaged by tenants?
We have a team who takes care of the maintenance of the flats managed by us. Our team conducts a periodic inspections and maintenance checks of your flat. This will minimise the risk. In case the team is of the opinion that any item in the flat needs repair due to aged spares, then we take an appropriate action to ensure that such repair is done in a timely manner in order to prevent any damage. The expenses incurred for this will be claimed from owner with supporting bills.
Will my flat be used for commercial purposes?
No. Your flat will be used only for residential purposes.
Will I be able to inspect my flat while it is occupied?
Yes. You can inspect your flat at any reasonable time by giving us a prior intimation.
Will I get rent even if my flat remains vacant?

If your property at prime location, and well maintained, you can rest assured that you will get continuous rent. Since we have one month time to get a right tenant for your property, will put 100% effort to get tenant for your property. If still if we are not able to find tenant, then owner have to accept the loss in tenancy. Based on our experience, we come across few cases where we are not able to help in getting tenant within one month. These are discussed below.

Continuous tenancy payment may not be possible due following reasons:

  • Poor quality of construction
  • Location not easily accessible by public transport, eg:bus
  • Poor surroundings and people, like drainage running closely, slum etc
  • Poor maintenance of flat and owner not ready to spend money for better look
  • Restriction on tenants like bachelors not acceptable, no non veg tenants etc
  • Owner demanding higher rent than market rate
  • Longer Repair duration – eg renovation, interior decoration take 2-3 months' time etc
  • Aged property, older lifestyle design, example 20+ years old house
  • However we try to find tenants continuously, sometime we may use brokers to find right tenant and settle their charge from our service charge, owner and tenant need not to pay money.

    Will you start paying me rent as soon as I hand over the flat to you?
    After the deal is confirmed, we take flat with or without tenant. If no existing tenant, then we need an initial period of 1-4 weeks to complete the document formalities and to find a tenant for your flat. We will start paying you the rent as soon as the first tenant moves in.
    What will you do if there is any major fluctuation in real estate, rental prices?
    In case of major market fluctuations like a sudden recession or boom in real estate prices, both parties can re-negotiate the terms of the agreement to change the rent to a fair value according to market rates.
    How will the monthly rent for my flat be decided?
    The rent for your flat will be mutually agreed upon based on the current market rate for similar flats in your apartment/complex.
    Do you take care of painting charges when a tenant vacates?
    Yes, There may be slight deviation depends on tenant's stay duration in home and how costly paint owner used. Please refer tenant agreement for more details.
    How do I exit from contract with Property Care?

    Property owner can exit any time when they want with 30 days' notice period to hand over formalities. There will not be any service charge refund.

    Do you pay tenant's security deposit also along with rent?

    Our experience is giving the security deposit to owner is increases the complexity to owner, example when tenant leaves or agreement ends with us, owner not able to re-pay the money, not reachable over phone, travelling, busy with assignments etc. The issues are like this will create issues in relationship both with tenant and us. In cases like this, who will settle the vacating tenant's security deposit?

    We designed solution for this. We recommend choose this option for owner. We create a dedicated separate tenant-deposit account. This will be used only to deposit the security deposit/advance money of tenant. We never use this money for any day-to-day operation purpose. At the end of tenancy, we negotiate if any damage to property with tenant and release the advance. We also give update to owner as well. This saves lots time, effort and money for all us. Example calling owner over phone, make sure money is transferred, follow-up, acknowledgement etc.

    What duration will you be managing my property?
    We will be managing your property for any period ranging from one to five years depending on your choice and comfort of owner.
    What are the methods for handling repairs and maintenance?
    First we assess the problem and take quotes from our own network of professionals (painter, mason, carpenters, electrician etc). If the quote is genuine and less than agreed expense limit with owner. We will go ahead finish work under our supervision. If the quote is goes beyond the agreed limit, example due unexpected high voltage power damage to electrical spares like MCBs, switches, meters, TV, fridge etc, then we will send a quote to the owners for approval. We also detail the types of repairs we can and cannot do. Only after getting the approval and payment for the same, we will start the work. We report the progress to the owners and if necessary we will send photos. On completion, all the statement of accounts and details of work executed will be given to owners.
    How do you handle vacancies?
    We will try fill them within 1-4 weeks, i.e. within existing tenant's notice period using various publicity methods. We have paid premium accounts with various leading property web sites. If required we will also go through other normal practices like releasing classified ads in newspapers and local real estate network.
    How frequently will I receive reports from property management company?
    The more you are aware of how things are going with the property, the better it is. As a property manager we will send periodical reports about the property and update collection of rents and payment of taxes on regular basis depending on the service you avail from us.
    When we are far away how can we rely on some third party to manage our property?
    When you are considering people to hire, you should consider the recommendations of friends, relatives and other referrals. Jot down all your queries, doubts and contact the company and ask questions. Just as you would screen any business decision, you want to feel confident and trust the person you choose. Talk to them over phone and in person a couple of times if possible. We are happy to meet you and give all required help.
    How often will you inspect the property?
    Since the tenants will be living in the property, we cannot disturb their privacy too often. But we routinely visit the property at least once in 6 months with prior information to the tenants. We check for any property damage and any other developments concerning the property. In case of site, the frequency of visit can be set by owner. We can visit monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annually. We visit and check the property status and take photos and upload in site. Customers can login in our site using their credentials and view their property photos and status.
    Why should I hand over my property to a professional for property management company?

    Well, there are several reasons to hand over your property to a professional for property management. The most important one is the multiple skill levels in all areas including labor resource and maximize productivity among other things. You will end up gaining in multiple ways. First and foremost you will have peace of mind. You need not have to disturb or request those unwilling relatives or friends. What you need is service. You pay for it and get it. If there is any lapse on the part of the property management company you can clarify them. But, the same is not possible when you are obligated to ask your friends or relatives.

    In India this concept is developing, but in western developed countries this concept is very well developed and established. In long term, India needs this services, because apartments and commercial projects will keep increasing, at one stage this become very essential when number of properties grow beyond owner's management limit. Moreover, there are many own properties in multiple cities. Visiting to each city for management will become a big challenge. Owner has to delegate their task to professional property service company like us. For more details, please read home page welcome paragraphs.

    Tenant deposits rent amount in our bank. Then why do I need Property Management?
    Collecting rent is not the only service property management company offers. The job of the property management company does not end with just collecting rent. We act as the representative of the property owner. We make sure all the utility and other dues related to the property are paid on time. We keep watch property on a regular basis and inspect them and inform the property owner for any issues. When a tenant vacates the property, the property management company accepts possession of the property and takes an inventory check. The property management company also helps in getting the place ready for letting out for rent. We also find tenant for vacant property.
    How much do you charge for your services?
    The price will vary depends on your property and requirement. Please refer our ‘Solutions and Services' page, and request quote for your required service. We will send quote for specific required service.
    Can you find tenants for my property?
    Finding tenants is part of property management services. Renting is easy, but renting to a qualified tenant is much harder. In our qualification process, we take several measures to ensure that the applicant is a good quality tenant. First, the property will be inspected and market rental values will be suggested to owner before looking for tenants. Potential tenants will be searched through newspaper and online advertisements. Background check like employer check, credit history etc will be performed on the potential tenant. Rental agreement will be drafted and signed by us and tenant.
    What are the services covered under Property Management?
  • Flat management for agreed tenure with owner
  • Agreement with owner to obtain letting rights
  • Identify right tenant for flat
  • Tenant background check like passport photo id, permanent home/office address proofs, previous tenancy etc
  • Agreement with tenant and managing tenant for agreed tenure with owner
  • Flat Inventory report and management, like geyser, curtains, and kitchen utensils and make sure return when owner take back the flat. This report can and will help minimize disputes at the beginning and end of the tenancy
  • Charge on tenant when any damage made in property
  • Deposit and rent collection management and payment to owner
  • Property maintenance, minor repair like tap leak, electrical trip, painting, furniture repair etc
  • Any maintenance with respect to construction issues like bathroom seepage, aged tile replacement etc expense should be borne by owner, we execute the service
  • Tenancy renewal, rent hike negotiation, and send update to owner and tenants
  • If tenant vacates, deposit and rent settlement
  • Identify new tenant, make agreement
  • Property tax bill payment
  • Pest control, eg cockroaches, beehive removal in balcony private balcony
  • Piping Gas, Water, Electricity meter reading when tenant entry and exit and bill payment when tenants away from flat, example travel abroad for short trip, 3 months
  • Maintenance charge payment to apartment association
  • Co-ordination with apartment association and update flat owner accordingly
  • Assistance in property insurance
  • Half-yearly inspection visits to flat for monitor good maintenance and flat condition throughout the tenancy
  • Co-ordination with owner when his visit to view property with prior intimation
  • Make sure all outstanding bills of existing tenant when moves out- settling phones, cable, newspaper, electricity, water bills, last meter reading, handover deposits etc
  • Uploading photos of flat for remote viewing at owner's place, example, abroad, as an NRI customer and online view of his/her property using their login credentials
  • If vacant site, then periodical visit for monitoring, uploading photos of site for remote viewing, a display board with ‘Not for sale' at site, site property tax payment on time to avoid penalty at later stage etc. Send update about site visits and status of property.
  • Consultancy for buying and selling properties
  • Relocation assistance
  • What we don't do or involve

  • Property litigation, legal issues assistance
  • Apartment association activities, example Garden services, no water in tap, swimming pool leakage, association inside disputes etc
  • Why vacant site management? What will we do?
    Many of us think there is nothing to do with vacant site. Based on our experience, it is not true. Owners, particularly working remotely, needs help in taking care of their property. We will offer service in following areas by providing regular updates with uploaded online supporting photo images:
  • How the area developed? How the property location/layout looking currently, whether any houses are built? appreciation possible? Current market rate? etc
  • Cleaning, fencing/building compound wall construction and management
  • Any new construction in front/back/adjacent sites? Any potential risk for site? Any occupancy/encroachment in site?
  • Paying bills on time, example association bill, updates, property tax
  • Visiting to site on periodical basis and capture image and upload in site to view remotely. Customer can decide frequency of visit, either by monthly/quarterly/ half-yearly/annually
  • Placing a display board as ‘Not for Sale' in site
  • We extend help for site selling customers too, we display ‘For Sale' display board with our contact details and attend call, negotiate price and help in registration. This will be additional service, so there is an additional charge for this.

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