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"Our vision is to offer property management service in Bangalore , and gradually extend the service to all over India"
• Free Property Lettings, no brokerage  • Property Management (Vacant site/Flat/Villa/Mall shop etc)  • Online rent collection from tenant & Online payment to owner  • Owner's Online Property Photos and Videos  • Property Insurance (SBI GENERAL)  • Investors Consultancy and Manage newly purchased property  • Vacant Site Management  • Property Buy & Sell  • Residential & Commercial  • Register your requirements online at Services -> Owner/Tenent/Investor page  • For Owners, NRIs, Tenants and Investors  • Refer your friends/relatives online and win branded gift coupons  • Property Management Made Easy, Just few clicks away.  • Others: Stimulate your child brain with fun...! visit www.propertycare.co.in/others/etl 

Welcome to Property Care

The objective of this business is to keep property owners life easy and relaxed.

Why this is required? What is a property management service?

Today, the current economic conditions, job/business can’t be always at one place where we own our permanent home. We have to move and travel all over the world. Owning a property in one place and working in another place will always a challenge to manage one/more properties. The home is the one time and life time investment for everyone with hard earned money. Saving home is highly important and precious for generations.

The innovative service we offer will give immense pleasure and relief for flat owners, especially owner who are away from their property for mutual benefit. Flat owner can stay anywhere in the world comfortably without any worry about his/her property and they can view their property online periodically and receive rent and get updates about property. We manage the property by providing end-to-end services like taking property letting rights to let the property from owner, identifying right tenants, tenant background check, sign agreement and renewal work as per law, bill payments like property tax, and maintenance work like tap leak, rent collection on behalf of owner and pay to owner by online worldwide. We manage residential and commercial retail shops.

Apart from property management, we also manage tenant deposit account where we will deposit the tenant deposit money safely, when tenant vacates from current property, we easily transfer to tenant without property owner’s intervention. This saves lots of time for all of us and hassle-free. We also identify new tenant when existing tenant vacate from the flat within the agreed notice period from tenant. This will help owner’s time, money, and effort and own can enjoy continuous property occupancy throughout the year. Today, lots of elderly parents are taking care of their property and their own/son/daughter property by making lot of visits to property site to view and negotiate with tenant, pickup and pay bills etc. Now they can sit back and relax, we do their work to make their life easy. Please delegate to us for better life.

This service will benefit for property owners exclusive who are away from their own property location, example flat in Bangalore, work in Mumbai, Pune, USA, UAE, UK, and Australia etc.

We take care of residential (flat/house), commercial shops. Apart from this we extend the service to vacant site management too. We invest our precious money in land for investment or to build a house. We live in another location, say in Delhi with worries of no one to take care of site, adding to this encroachment threats, penalty for irregular property tax bill payments etc. To avoid surprises at later stage, we offer service to vacant site management also. We do periodical site visits to site and take photos and upload online, so that owner can keep a second eye on the site sitting remotely. We also perform site cleaning, fencing, compound wall building, and assistance in buying and selling property for a win-win deal.

Our vision is to offer the service in Bangalore initially, and gradually we extend the same services to other cities.

We are sure you enjoy our guaranteed professional service with cutting edge technology and highly proactive management team. We look forward to see you soon for well trusted long term relationship. Please visit contact page for phone, Skype id, email ids or you can send enquiry to us with your available time, we will contact you.

Thank you for your valuable time spent with us. We appreciate.